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The 9m dome is an exclusively created venue, nestled within the natural landscape, designed to connect you to the rhythms, frequencies and harmonies of nature.

The geodesic dome design itself, is based on the artistry of sacred geometry, which has a powerful vibration. Often referred to as the "architecture of the universe", sacred geometry is found throughout the natural world.

The conductive surface, on which the dome sits, allows the earth's natural frequencies to flow through it, and into your body ~ activating your parasympathetic nervous system, and balancing your biomagnetic field.

Having become disconnected from the universal system, to which we are all a part of, it is no wonder we all have a deep spiritual need to reawaken our relationship with the earth and it's limitless, natural and healing energies.


The Dome, and all that it embodies, offers an opportunity to nurture that spiritual spark, cultivate community and support all who visit.

Meet your Host

Lucy Devenish ~ Owner

As your Retreat Facilitator and Hostess I am excited to support and customise your exclusive Dome experience. 

I am a qualified practitioner in several complimentary therapy modalities, covered and recognised by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists IICT.

For more about me, clink the link below which will take you to my personal website!

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